Data Center Design


Data Centre Design, Computer Room Design


Capitoline's range of Data Centre services include;


   - Audit and report of existing and proposed sites
   - Design of Computer Room and entire Data Centre
   - Tender preparation
   - Selection of subcontractors
   - Project management and project oversight
   - Project handover


We will design a small computer room or a full Data Centre. Optimised layout of racks and rooms within a Data Centre is vital to the correct and reliable operation of the organisation. Power consumption can only be minimised by accurate analysis of the power supply, rack layout and HVAC provision.


We have developed algorithms to analyse room and building size by working up from the IT requirements and equipment count.  Capitoline has pioneered the use of the Rack Location Unit model whereby an application independent floor layout is developed and then supplied with appropriate power, air conditioning and interconnectivity.


Our design process includes;


Site analysis: Suitability of location, EMC risks, flood risks, proximity to transport links etc
Building analysis: Suitability, size and strength of the building, existing or proposed
Computer room analysis: Define shape and size of an ideal computer room from the IT equipment needed, plus expansion plans
Power supply analysis: Accurate sizing of UPS, switchgear, generators and utility input in terms of peak and average demand
HVAC analysis:  Optimised air conditioning model depending upon equipment densities required
Building layout:  All the relevant working spaces are defined, e.g. control area, cable entrance facility, equipment build area etc
Work space optimisation: The flow of people and equipment through the building is optimised for the best working environment
Cabling design: A generic structured cabling system will be designed to provide flexibility and long term performance 
Fire detection and fire suppression:  A suitable fire detection and suppression system will be specified
Security and access control: Appropriate security, CCTV and access control will be specified
Reliability, resilience and business continuity: The design will be aligned to the TIA 942, Uptime Institute or BICSI Tier systems, as appropriate, which call for N, N+1 or 2N designs. Capitoline will advise on the most relevant cost versus risk model for the client