Data Centre Audits



If our unique Data Centre Surgery is not for you then we would be pleased to arrange for a Capitoline Data centre specialist to audit your data centre and produce a report including recommendations for improvements.


Using the practical experience derived by Capitoline from auditing and designing computer rooms and data centres we can offer an in-depth audit that covers all the major requirements for correct operation, best practice and improvement programmes.

Every two weeks, somewhere in the world, a major data centre suffers a major breakdown and loss of availability with an average downtime of 17 hours.  In nearly every case these breakdowns are avoidable with better design and procedures in place. Our audit experience covers large and small data centres both in the private and public sector in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and the Middle East.


Our audits are based on best practices drawn from our own experience and relevant extracts from international engineering and business continuity standards including.


- TIA 942, EU Code of Conduct on data centres, Payment Card Industry security requirements, BICSI 00, The UpTime Institute, ASHRAE, EU Disability Discrimination Directive, EN 50173, EN 50174, ISO 27000

We can customise our audit to your own requirements or alternative you can just opt for our standard audit which covers the principal requirements of technical adherence to standards, resilience, Health & Safety requirements and energy management. All audits come with a full report and improvement plan.  The audits can then be further ‘tuned’ to focus on areas of greatest  interest to the customer.


For example you may want an audit against the EU Code of Conduct for data centres or to establish your Tier rating for resilience or perhaps to measure you energy efficiency or carbon emmissions.


The following table gives an example of the major parameters inspected and reported on in our standard audit.



Relevant Standard

Raised floor height appropriate to area

VDI 2054, BS EN 12825:2001 RIBA NBS K41

Placement of air vents and rack location

ASHRAE Thermal guidelines for data processing environments

Optimum layout of equipment in racks

TIA 942

Air conditioning size and placement

ASHRAE Thermal guidelines for data processing environments

Earthing, grounding and bonding, where visible

BS EN 50310, BS 7671

Cable containment methods

BICSI TDM, BS 6701, BS EN 50174

Electrical power distribution and UPS sizing

TIA 942, BS EN 62040, BS7671

Communications cabling capability in terms of LAN type and speed

ISO 11801, BS EN 50173

Potential fire hazards

Statutory Instrument 2005 No. 1541,The Regulatory Re-form (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Smoke detection system

BS 5839, BS 6266 BFPSA Code of Practice

Fire suppression system

BS ISO 14520 DTI Halon replacement guide

General security layout

TIA 942

Building location and architectural issues

TIA 942, UK Building Regulations


An enhanced audit is available which includes an audit of the operational systems and procedures.

Capitoline audit customers include;


University of Brighton, New College Nottingham, NHS, University of Kent, Interxion, Equinix, Telecity, Global switch, Alganhim Industries, Cisco and we are the principal data centre audlitors for the Amsterdam Internet exchange.