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About Us

H.K. Shah Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. was founded in 1974 and over past years become a leader in distributing IT and Telecom-munication company in the territory of Pakistan & UAE. H.K. Shah Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the most recognized high technology companies to emerge in recent years. It focuses totally on working effectively providing and dealing with information management for many organizations as well as being one of a few successful companies to provide information management solutions to the private public sector.

The high standards achieved by this company using their unique skills and expert knowledge on solutions which spans from distribution of information in a local area network of configuring and dispatching information on an international and wide area network. H.K. Shah Enterprises (Pvt). Ltd. boasts of having high network. Highly successful individuals who provide service of excellence to the public at all times. They are fully trained and equipped to deal with all matters relating to IT and Technology

H.K. Shah Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. solutions on systems integration and information management are different from the normal tract. Training and documentation is a standard feature of our solutions. We maintain a full-fledged training facility at our offices in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. This facility besides providing regular training to our customers in the following areas.

  • Network Design.
  • Technical Support.
  • Network Integration & Services.

  • To become the most successful showcase company in IT related countries.

  • Enhance Information Technology and Living standard in IT related countries by providing the World best IT related equipment and Consumer electronics along with superior service.

  • We all are different, yet united into one solid team reasoned and fuelled for success. We work together to achieve common goals.

  • Our style is to meet and exceed expectations of our customers with “Cut-Of-The-Edge” technologies products and brands with brands.

  • We manage to provide our customers the up-to-date information, the most prompt response and the comfort of using effective logistics and business tools just in time.

  • We manage to provide our customers, for our partners and for our vendors. Primarily each of them for us is an individual and we treat them with highest grade of dignity, equality and trust.

  • Reliable distributor and reliable partner is an image we strive for to keep promises and to meet engagements is our distinguishing feature.

  • Class Of Service And Quality Of Service
  • H.K. Shah Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. is pleased to present its portfolio of experience and expertise in Telecommunication System technologies. We are committed to providing prompt and personal customer support both technical and commercial in an increasing number of customers and this is obvious that technical expertise is vital to run a network and provide customers presale and after sales service. H.K. Shah Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. has engineers and technicians to look after each city. We anticipate emerging requirements and proactively offer solution to keep our customers ahead of competition.

  • Resources and Expertise.
  • H.K. Shah Enterprises (PVT.) Ltd. are instantly recognizable due to its dedicated staff. We have the most experiences individuals on board who have contributed immensely to make this company what it are today. Our staffs have been specially trained for sales and support activities covering the world.
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