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Project Management

Project Management

Project Management

Our business infrastructure services will help create a robust and unshakable IT infrastructure for your business.

Equally as important is making sure that this infrastructure is effectively optimized for peak performance, management and security. But with so many different hardware options and ever mounting pressures to do more with less, it can be challenging to find the right answer to important questions about whether to consolidate, eliminate, automate, or upgrade important hardware and functions that are critical to day-to-day business operations. H.K. Shah Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. among the leading infrastructure services companies, will help you make the right choice in these critical decisions by providing services that address. Explore our broad range of information technology infrastructure services below to learn more about how H.K. Shah Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd.can help you.

 Managed Services

 Improve IT support and free internal resources to focus on core operations by outsourcing technology management functions

 •  Project Management Services
 •  Staff Augmentation
 •  Email Management Services
 •  Enterprise Content Management Managed Service
 •  Infrastructure Managed Services
 •  Remote Access Managed Services

 Improve IT infrastructure service and free internal resources to focus on core operations by outsourcing technology management functions.

H.K. Shah Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. provides IT infrastructure solutions and functions so the company can focus more staff and resources on core operations. Businesses of all sizes rely heavily on their computer applications, infrastructure and other technology to operate effectively. Traditionally, organizations would staff, build and maintain an IT department and infrastructure to support this technology. Often times this creates significant recruiting, training and retention challenges - and causes organizations to take focus away from core business practices. The bottom line is organizations can often operate with greater efficiency and focus when leveraging our IT infrastructure consulting to manage their IT needs, verses trying to build and manage their own. Through H.K. Shah Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd.Managed Services Solutions, you will have the peace of mind that business users will have uninterrupted access to information at all times. When an issue does occur, a highly-refined process will be followed that utilizes experienced personnel to address and correct the problem in the quickest fashion possible. Don't let the task of managing your technology slow your business down. H.K. Shah Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. is here to help with your network management and monitoring which can save you valuable time and money in the process.


IT Infrastructure Management Services:Make sure your core IT infrastructure technology including storage servers, LAN/WAN and wireless networks and back-ups are properly maintained and managed without having to dedicate full-time employees to the task.
Project Management Services:H.K. Shah Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. can supervise employees to develop detailed project plans and manage technology implementations.
Staff Augmentation:Utilize our consultants, who provide optimal network performance management, as additional staff on your IT project teams so you have the capacity to complete critical projects with optimal efficiency.

Project Management Services

Mitigate Risk. Ensure Quality. Spend Less with Experienced Leadership and Support.

H.K. Shah Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. can provide experienced senior project management support for a wide variety of technology projects including office moves, desktop deployments, infrastructure assessments, business analysis projects, and application deployment projects. Project managers are the liaisons between our clients and our project teams, ensuring that projects are clearly defined and efficiently delivered on-time and on-budget. Each project manager is responsible for developing detailed project plans and risk mitigation strategies, facilitating design and status meetings, and managing the overall implementation of the project. With our project management support, we will ensure that you have the leadership and capacity to manage best-in-class IT projects for maximized results.


 •  Add experienced leadership to project teams.
 •  Improve delivery times and project quality.
 •  Manage risks and minimize their impact.
 •  Increase probability of success.

Small Business Solutions

One-stop-shop to affordable plan, build and manage technology for maximized value.

 •  Network Integration
 •  Telephony/Unified Communications
 •  Network Monitoring
 •  Product Sales & Renewals
 •  Project Management Services

One-stop-shop to affordable plan, build and manage technology for maximized value with our IT management consultants.

H.K. Shah Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. Associates, a leader in small business IT Consulting, serves as a single source solution provider allowing small businesses to plan, build and manage all their computing and information technology needs. We understand that, as a small business owner, you need more than just a software technician to install new hardware and software, then walk out the door. That's why the core of our small business IT services organization is structured around robust and refined processes that ensure your technology investments align with your business goals. Our network security consultants are also able to help lock down your network environment in the event of a security breach. There are few firms as large or as experienced as H.K. Shah Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. that provide the right combination of people, processes and systems to meet all your IT Consulting Support needs. And when combined with an affordable price point developed specifically for small businesses, you get that elusive benefit called VALUE that many other technology firms lack. So, if you want to have the peace of mind that every technology investment you make is working towards improving your bottom line, H.K. Shah Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. is your clear choice for IT Management Consultants.


Network Integration:Build and manage a solid core infrastructure to support all your business functions.
Network Monitoring:Hosted solution providing central monitoring of core infrastructure and related systems.
Product Sales & Renewals:
  • As a licensed re-seller of most software and hardware systems, leverage our H.K. Shah Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd.'s buying power and expertise to get advice before making another technology purchase.


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