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QuickPort VertiGO Zero-U Panel

QuickPort VertiGO Zero-U Panel
QuickPort VertiGO Zero-U Panel
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  • Model: 49280-QP0

QuickPort VertiGO Zero-U Panel, 12-port, panel only, empty

VertiGO Zero-U Patch Panels provide QuickPort® and Opt-X® Adapter Plate compatibility, enabling a wide range of copper and fiber connectivity in a single unit. The QuickPort style supports up to 12 ports per panel. They Opt-X style supports up to 2 Opt-X Adapter Plates per panel. Both versions will accommodate copper and fiber connectors. Flexible mounting options allow the VertiGO Panel to be installed in a variety of cabinetbased applications.

Recommended Applications:
Any Size Cabinet
Ladder Tray
Wire Basket
Raised Floor Enclosure
Modular Furniture

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