Signal Tower Monitors

•Monitor For Temperature, Humidity, Power, Flood/Water, Smoke/Fire, Room Entry, Air Flow, Network Cameras and more.
•Offer visual and audible alerting via the external Signal Tower Light.
•Include a built-in temperature sensor & allow external sensors to be added.
•Allow Signal Tower Lights to turn on when alarms are detected.
•Allow unlimited alert notifications & unlimited users.
•Allow notification via email, SMS, SMTP, dial-out page, audio alert, webpage update, logfile update and more.
•Include a license for AVTECH's Device ManageR software application.
•Allow automatic shutdown & actions as events occur/resolve.
•Arrive assembled & ready-to-install in minutes.
•Include 'Toll Free' assistance & technical support.
•Incorporate AVTECH's years of experience since 1988.